Tube filling machine

tube-filling-machine-ATP-60-ATP 60 : Automatic tube filling machine, designed for packaging of liquid and paste products/pharmaceutical, cosmetic,chemical and foodstuff products/ such as toothpaste, chocolate,  melted cheese, creams, gels, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, sauce, harissa, jam, yogurt, pierrot, yogurt, glue, bubbla bath, skin care during pregnancy , foot skin care, shaving cream, beauty cream, cleansing milk, mascara, sunscreen cream, vaseline, gel for hair,  hair color cream, face cream, hand cream, foot cream, massage oil,  ointment, paint,  etc. in ready – made aluminium, laminate or plastic tubes. Equipped with frequency control, which gives possibility for easy regulation of the productivity.

ATP-60 is an automated tube filling and sealing machine of modular type designed for packing of products in paste form. The automat is built of independent units, synchronised by PLC control. Due to its mechanical drive the automat is especially simple comparing to its fully mechanical analogues among the machines of such a type. In it each unit is based on an independent drive, which helps for differentiation of the unit during adjustment and diagnostics.

As a standard, the automatic machine is supplied together with a set of 8 pieces of sleeves for a preliminary agreed size of tubes. No preliminary specifying of the type of tube cap is necessary.

The machine loads, fills, orients, seals, marks, cuts and ejects the tube automatically.

The tube filling and sealing machine is protected by two basic ways:

  1. by safety covers and shields;
  2. by PLC program, when you open safety cover machine stop to work.

The machine could be served by low-qualified working personnel with preliminary conducted general training in labour safety.

Type tubes :



  • Quick change of format
  • Control panel touch screen with all the main functions
  • Automatic tube loading
  • Automatic tube orientation (corner orientation)
  • Cutting
  • Automatic discharge
  • Hopper
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to maintain- Low maintenance
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Last drop solution
  • Hot data print
  • Folding & Coding at Individual Station.
  • CE – Certificate of Conformity
  • RST Certificate (Russia)

Rotating table

Rotating table


Laminated and plastic tubesAluminium tubes
Tubes orientationTubes orientation
HeatingFolding 1st time
Marking and sealingFolding 2nd time
CuttingMarking and sealing


Optional Equipment:

  • Possibility to integrate machine with ERP system (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and others ERP software)
  • Possibility to integrate machine with SCADA
  • LAN Ethernet connection.
  • Gas injection system
  • Mechanical closing system for aluminium tubes, with simple, double or triple
  • Multi color filling system (two color, three color)
  • Pump
  • Compressor
  • Servo motor dosing system
  • Printer – Date, serial number coding group – (printer, Inkjet printer)

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