Multihead weigher

multihead-14ATD 10,14 : 10 and 14 channel multihead for bulk products like / bakery products , chips, candy, sunflower seeds, feeds,hazelnuts, peanuts, almonds, beans, rice, lentils, herbs, sugar, noodles, pasta, couscous, corn, rolls, fresh, dried or frozen fruits and vegetables, salt, sugar, cereal, sesame, coffee, roaster coffee, tea, fish, sprank, frozen fishes, washing powder, detergent, croutons, fertilisers , chewing gum, washing powder,  beads, bolts, winegums, coffee beans, peppercorns, pine nuts,  walnuts, animal feed, cat food, dog food, food for parrots ,   etc. /. It is used for dispensing various kinds of bulk products in a certain range. Can be implemented as a separate module with autonomous management system or be embedded into various types of packaging machines and participate in automated processes.

We project and install customized multihead weigher systems for our customers from the Food and Non-Food sectors.

Automatic multihead weighers are capable of weighing, mixing and counting with greater accuracy at high speeds, which makes them an ideal choice for large production lines and complicated application mixtures such as mixed bags

A multihead weigher comprises various weighing heads of different weights and ensures that products are weighed very quickly and accurately.

Problend machines offers various multihead weighers, including an innovative multihead weigher designed for different sectors.
Multihead weigher shape can very depends of what product you want to fill.

  • Compatible with single packaging machine for automatic weighing
  • Intelligent and user-friendly operating system
  • Touchscreen control
  • Easily cleanable smooth structure
  • Efficient and accurate weight calculation by computer when compared to manual process
  • Quick change of format
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to maintain- Low maintenance
  • Powerful, high output
  • Excellent cost-performance ratio
  • CE – Certificate of Conformity
  • RST Certificate (Russia)


Optional Equipment:

  • Possibility to integrate machine with ERP system (SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and others ERP software)
  • Possibility to integrate machine with SCADA
  • Various conveyor systems available for transporting products to the multihead weigher, including Z-conveyors, L-conveyors, vibrating/shaking conveyors and buffer systems
  • Compressor
  • Supporting Platform


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